Who Is TheNickDee?

Who is @TheNickDee?

You may have come across Nick Dee’s words on your social media feed as of late. From short nuggets of wisdom, to long form excerpts from his blogs; displayed on various eye-catching backgrounds, as well as those that display his likeness, all with the signature “TheNickDee” are quotes on topics that range from motivation, self-improvement, relationships, pop culture, and, well, himself.

Nick Dee’s first exposure came from a viral blog over the winter titled “Live YOUR Life” about his personal experience in taking control of his own life, and imploring others to do the same. It turned out the story of a millennial college dropout who after several years of spinning his wheels found himself at a crossroads, and decided to successfully take life by the horns, was one many were able to relate to, and connect with. Before the age of 25, Nick had turned his life around, escaped ‘The Matrix’ as he calls it, and carved out an enviable life for himself, but part of him still felt a purpose was not yet being realized. It was the surprising reaction to the blog, and the overwhelming personal feedback that he received from others sharing their stories, that he says motivated him to venture out to reach a larger audience with his message. “I was touched by the stories people were sharing with me, and how they were saying what I wrote actually had an impact on them.” he recalls. “I already had a regular job. So this experiment was more about the incredible rewards of helping people than it was anything else.”

The “Live YOUR Life” blog was followed up with a take-down of the infamous “Fifty Shades Of Grey” novel titled “Fifty Shades Of Disillusion”, describing the writers own experiences with the controversial subject manner, and discontent with the lifestyle. It was a raw, intimately personal, and occasionally humorous narrative, that would become a trademark of his almost “diaristic’ writing style. It was shared by hundreds during the hysteria of the movie release by fans and haters of the series alike, with some fans giving him the dubious label of “The Real Life Christian Grey,” which he vehemently deflects.

Nick Dee’s rise comes during a general ‘boom period’ in self-publishing. Due to the internet and social media, entertainers, writers, musicians, artists of all forms, have been able to take matters into their own hands, and spread their work to the masses without the help of large sponsors, publishers, or corporations. Nick places considerable value on his own independence, and he likes how readers are getting his content the way he wants, unedited, uncensored, straight from the source. He also is not eager to be told what topics to write about, or be given deadlines, as he feels like this compromises the end product. These reasons perhaps explain why Nick recently declined an opportunity to become an official contributor on one of the prominent social media content websites. “It’s the Christian Grey in me to seek control.” he jokes.

While many social media followers hashtag and share his quotes and blogs under the tag of ‘motivational’, and ‘inspirational’, Nick seems to be less than comfortable wearing the ‘motivational’ label. “While my message is generally positive, particularly the seminars, when I hear ‘motivational speaker’, I think of people being told what they want to hear.” he says. “I think it’s much more powerful, and difficult, to tell people what they need to hear. I love inspirational people, I love inspiring things. But if the truth inspires them, that’s even better.”

Spreading his positive message, and connecting with his audience remains a priority, as he has even taken to the road for several public speaking seminars across the East Coast. A self-described self-improvement junkie, Nick has taken a DIY method to establishing himself, running his own website, marketing, and organizing events essentially by himself. “It’s really been a grass roots method of building an audience. The major social media blogs and pages aren’t publishing anyone saying the things I’m saying anytime soon, and I’m not handing over the rights to my work in exchange for their audience. If not for word of mouth, if my readers didn’t share my writings as they do, the quotes, the fan signs, all that, then we aren’t having this conversation right now. They’ve been awesome. Every penny I’ve made from it, which isn’t much, has gone back into forwarding this project, and growing it.”

Although he has taken a brief hiatus from public speaking over this summer, he continues to regularly publish his blogs on his website. He has tentative plans to re-launch his public speaking seminars in the Fall. He is also working on several projects, including writing a book, and filming a documentary that he is mum about in terms of details. “All in due time.” he promises.

Nick’s latest blog “Go If You Want To: How remaining Non-Possessive will set you free, and improve your relationships!” can be found here: http://www.thenickdee.com

Posted on July 6, 2015 by AMB Magazine

Posted by Adrienne Mitchell

Originally featured on: http://ambmagazine.com/2015/07/05/who-is-thenickdee/


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